Physical + Mental Health = Pure Happiness


From about the time of my later teens, early twenties, the only thing I seemed to care about was looking as massive as the guys in the bodybuilding magazines were. My main aspiration of hitting the gym hard six-seven times a week was to eventually be as gigantic as they were so I could get the attention I thought I deserved. The problem with this kind of vision is that I was putting just about any old thing inside me to accomplish what I was setting out to do, regardless of the possible detriments it might cause along the way.
All these various supplements and chemical enhancers were definitely doing the trick in regards to what they were designed to do, but something was still missing inside. I sure was ecstatic about my new found muscular structure, and at the time, it came in handy when the ladies were around because every muscle was flexed to the absolute maximum when they would pass. Other than these rare occasions, having a smaller version of Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Olympia looking body only gave me temporary satisfaction.
My mental state was glazed over with a heavy dose of anger, depression, and anxiety all thrown in the same pot together but how could that be because I always thought working out was scientifically proven to make you feel top notch?

Not until getting involved in martial arts in my mid-twenties, I realized that there are a number of ways to have the mental state be at the same heightened level as the physical. I’m not trying to say going to the gym serves no purpose but had I lived in complete accordance with what nature intended for my body, meditated, and occasionally fasted, it would have been a more enjoyable ride for sure at that time but I’m just happy I eventually found and walked through the figurative door to a better life, and so can you

Here are some great ways to get you going in the right direction towards endless bliss:

Remember to Breathe slowly
Count Backwards
Try Acupressure
Get a lengthy massage
Find the Sun
Look Out the Window
Do Some Yoga
Take a Quick Walk
Start Planning a Vacation
Try Aromatherapy

This is just a dozen ways to calm your whole being but the possibilities are endless; what gets you right back to center?
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40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less
Lebowitz, Shana March 8, 2014



Quote of the week: It’s all about the journey:)


“The journey, not the arrival matters.”  T.S. Eliot

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